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Monday, January 14, 2013

Syria bombs rebels bases in Damascus suburbsm warplane attack on a market in northern Syria today

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  1. 29mTiny Klout Flag92UNICEF ‏@UNICEF
    Stories of loss, deprivation, frustration & the longing to go home. blogs from , by  border
  2. 49mTiny Klout Flag42RkMeldor ‏@RkMeldor
    Egyptday1: Happy New Years?  starts 2013 with aerial strikes and clashes  
  3. 53mTiny Klout Flag24Pseudonymous Rami ‏@AnonymousSyria
    I returned from  /  2 days ago & this is the first piece I have written since my trip  by 
  4. 1hTiny Klout Flag94Human Rights Watch ‏@hrw
    UN Security Council: 57 States Press for  Referral in 

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