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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

#Syria: 79 murdered in #Aleppo men boys, each with a single bullet in head found dead in a river

  1. Gallery: Rare photos of Syrian rebels operating in the capital Damascus from photographer Goran Tomasevic 
  2. 31mTiny Klout Flag62Clarissa Ward ‏@clarissaward
    Tonight on  another mass killing in Syria and we talk to Ambassador Ford about what the US is willing and not willing to do
  3. 1hTiny Klout Flag81RTÉ News ‏@rtenews
    Ireland is set to announce an additional €4.7m in aid for victims ofSyria's civil war at a conference of international donors tomorrow.
  4. 1hTiny Klout Flag42Dreamer @DatSyrianGirl
    This is Syria today, OUR Syria. Al-Sham is a sacred land and we must protect it with all we got 
  5. 1hTiny Klout Flag64Noor Al Hussein ‏@QueenNoor
    1 million Syrian refugees will need help this year. Donate now to purchase caravans & heaters!   

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