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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attack on Syria would be seen as attack on Iran, FSA revolutionaries singing for life on the front-lines in #Aleppo

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  1. 11hTiny Klout Flag84Reuters Top News ‏@Reuters
    Attack on Syria would be seen as attack on Iran: Tehran aide
  2. 23mTiny Klout Flag69Razan Ghazzawi ‏@RedRazan
    Video: FSA revolutionaries singing for life on the front-lines in - The Battle for Survival: 
  3. 33mTiny Klout Flag22Nomad♠WithDeen® ‏@WithDeen
    “To my dead brothers in Syria, to my crying mothers in Afghanistan, to my screaming sisters in Iraq, to my burned... 
  4. 51mTiny Klout Flag59Amal Hanano ‏@AmalHanano
    A Syrian American doctor who spent two weeks in  reports that sanitary situation is extremely dangerous. 
  5. 1hTiny Klout Flag42RkMeldor ‏@RkMeldor
    Egyptday1: Jan26:  2 conflicting parties, people trying to survive and a regime trying to crush them  

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