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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

#Atlantis "Land under water" was it virtually everywhere after the Ice Age?

Lets start by looking at the following map of the Gulf of Mexico

If you ever study agent languages you find that the word Atlantis, is derived from the word land, and the word Atlantis means nothing more or less than the phrase"Land under water"  As you can prove for yourself by doing only a little research. There are flood stories in virtually all cultures all over the world. So it occurred after looking at the photo above which shows the continental shelf in wonderful details that .... If man existed 10,000 years ago, about the same time that the ice age ended, and the oceans rose 400 feet or more, that many cities all over the world are now sitting under water, covered with silt, in a way that no one will ever find most of the them ever again..

Now we all watch the specials on the History channel etc, which say Atlantis is beyond the Atlas Mountains (makes sense Atlas, Atlantis) somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (makes sense) and that it was flooded in a day and a night (melt water from ice age, hurricane, earthquake all make sense) and there is mounting evidence that this all started happening about 12000BC, and then ended about 7000BC.  So Plato's date kinda falls in the middle of this.  

It is also very interesting to read about the little known cave art in southern Libya. You really don't hear alot about this, but I ran across it during the recent, Gaddafi "civil war" and how there are many ancient cave art locations near and around the ancient capital of Sabha  Libya in which there are cave drawings in the middle of the desert, with Alegators, Frogs, Hippos, and Elephants in the middle of the deserts  showing that the climate dramatically changed about 9000BC in that area, and that Libya  was a fertile if not swampy country at one point that had many people living there. So, if anything, this just proves that the ice age ended, when there was human beings living there at the end of the ice age. Historically this cannot be possible because the Bible tells us mankind was created in 4000BC, but ......

So... just something to think of when you look at the picture above, and imagine all the continental shelves of the world were actually above water at one time (which they were) and if human beings did exist when the ice age ended (which they were) and how it is possible that almost every story about Atlantis is correct becuase they are all currently a "Land under Water"

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