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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Video #Syria 'Ground being prepared for #Syria intervention' - US Chief of Staff under Colin Powell

57mTiny Klout Flag77Frank Gardner ‏@FrankRGardner
UK Fgn Sec tells me: Russian posn on  remains unchanged but says they can see the situation is changing on ground.He says Assad doomed
1hTiny Klout Flag73Hossam عمو حسام ‏@3arabawy
Interesting report from Al-Jazeera on Syria 
1hTiny Klout Flag58Neil Clark ‏@NeilClark66
 rpts that  says he's seen evidence that is preparing 2 use chem w'pons. Does he really think we're that gullible?
1hTiny Klout Flag67Tim Marshall ‏@Skytwitius
Syria. As in all conflicts people who've taken a side only want reports backing their view. Bosnia/Iraq/ always happens.

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