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Friday, December 14, 2012

#Syria Important story about Saudi judge who pushed youth to go fight in Syria

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55mTiny Klout Flag45hiba ‏@urghniall
Stuff like this happens in Syria every single day, for almost 2 years now. Think about what they're going through.
57mTiny Klout Flag47chrissie ‏@chrissiebeliebs
children die every day in Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen and just about every Middle Eastern country but no one cared until today
1hTiny Klout Flag47♡anal sauce♡ ‏@fatliciousharry
i understand that what happened today is not okay is not acceptable but yall need to realize it happens everyday in gaza n syria be thankful
1hTiny Klout Flag71Ahmed Al Omran ‏@ahmed
Important story about Saudi judge who pushed youth to go fight inSyria. Behind the paywall, alas. 
1hTiny Klout Flag46♡ zayn stop♡ ‏@lovingsexyziam
This is really sad no children deserve to die anywhere in the world though this is happening in Gaza and Syria all the time but no one cares
1hTiny Klout Flag55Kevin Sharkey ‏@tv_KevinSharkey
Does the world share the same sense of shock when little children are slaughtered in places like Syria?
2hTiny Klout Flag791D SuperHumansϟ ‏@1DSuperHumans
 what happened today is just a daily routine in and  .. pray for them all.
2hTiny Klout Flag78ImmortalTech ‏@ImmortalTech
So many children have died all over the world in violence, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Connecticut. Rest in Power little souls.
3hTiny Klout Flag81Muna AbuSulayman ‏@MunaAbuSulayman
Nothing more heartbreaking than The pain. The anguish. The sobs of all mothers who lost their children... To all moms of CT, Syria, iraq
3hTiny Klout Flag43Tuleen Hajoun ‏@tutuleen
I hope you can all understand that this is what Syria and Palestine go through everyday
3hTiny Klout Flag56Susanne ‏@xHarryStylesx
RIP to the kids that got shot but dont ppl realize that thousands of kids get tortured everyday in syria &Palestine yet no one seems to care
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