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Saturday, December 8, 2012

#Morsi decree #Egypt hides Russia delivers hyper-sonic missile to #Syria ?

70OutFrontCNN ‏@OutFrontCNN
": Rebels set their sights on Syria's capital:"

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3mTiny Klout Flag58Shashank Joshi ‏@shashj
"Commanders said that Mr. Tlass was a favorite of the French and Saudis, but that they distrusted him" 
3mTiny Klout Flag52debka ‏@debka
UK’s Hague: Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons: British Foreign Secretary William Hague says the UK an... 
3mTiny Klout Flag46Stella @ranchdancer
"have more flexability after my election" Russia sends missles toSyria, " Russia is not our friend" memories> who said what and why
3mTiny Klout Flag47SM ‏@Researchlight
Russia deliver hyper-sonic (Mach7) Iskander ballistic missile system to defend Syria against NATO patriot missiles on Turkish border...
3mTiny Klout Flag57EA WorldView ‏@EANewsFeed
 Live: Report - President  decree authorising military to arrest civilians  |    
3mTiny Klout Flag46FREEDOM \☺/ FTW ‏@freedomforthwin
/r/ukpolitics [spam filtered] Syria Has No Monopoly on Chemical Weapons: Israel has used Biological WMD's 
3mTiny Klout Flag47Sean Aspiring Pleb ‏@sdbast
'Ground being prepared for Syria intervention' - Ex-US Chief of Staff

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