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Saturday, November 17, 2012

#Syria More #Assad officers, soldiers and their families defect to the#FSA base inside #Turkey

 More  officers, soldiers and their families defect to the base inside 

The Assad regime has kept up its shell and jet attacks from early this morning, targeting in particular  the cities of Homs and Deraa and also Rastan and Ma’arrat Al-Numan, where there were 5 jet strikes alone early today.
Another Ruined Home in Ma’arrat Al-Numan
Many civilian casualties are reported. Ominously, all entrances to Damascus were blocked by the Army early this morning, Saturday, too.
Yesterday’s mortar attack on the peaceful protest after Friday prayers in Aleppo (scroll down and see below) appears to have been deliberate, killing and wounding many, including Al Arabiya journalist Mohammad Dughmush, who was evacuated to Turkey with head and back injuries. 
Al Arabiya has a report and video footage, HERE: 
Andrew Simmonds reports from inside Aleppo on the work of an organisation called “Sedk” (meaning “honesty” in Arabic) which provides ambulances, food and even heating oil sent by sympathetic “Assad” troops apparently working covertly for the FSA on the Government side, HERE: 
However, as well as the complete liberation of Ras al-Ayn in Hasaka province, Opposition activists are also reporting the capture of the town of Dibsi Afnan in Raqqa province and Abu Kamel in Deir el-Zour province plus, significantly, the nearby airbase of Hamadan, not far from the Iraq border. 

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