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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Residents in Qiryat Malachi, #Israel want revenge after#Gaza rocket kills three

Feature: Residents in Qiryat Malachi,  want revenge after rocket kills three | 

Israeli rocket victims rage for revenge

Anger and calls for a Gaza ground war abound in the tiny town where three Israelis were killed by a Palestinian rocket.
 Last Modified: 20 Nov 2012 08:18
The streets are eerily quiet in Qiryat Malachi due to the threat of Palestinian rockets [Gregg Carlstrom/Al Jazeera]
Qiryat Malachi, Israel Grief has quickly hardened into rage in this small town, the site of Israel's sole deaths during its weeklong offensive in Gaza, and one of many in the south where residents hope the government escalates its campaign.
The rocket that struck an apartment building last Thursday morning was the first to land in Qiryat Malachi, a town of Russian immigrants and Sephardic Jews located about 25km from Gaza. The projectile killed three people, including a pregnant 26-year-old mother of three.
On the other side of the conflict, about 100 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli bombing, including more than two dozen children, Gaza health officials say. 
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In Qiryat Malachi, the stricken building's damaged façade now stands as a call for revenge, with a banner urging the Israeli army to take over Gaza.
Hundreds of residents turned out for the victims' funerals, one of which was interrupted by an emergency siren warning of yet another rocket attack. Some of the mourners denounced Israel's 2005 decision to withdraw its settlements from Gaza, chanting slogans that described the move as a crime.
That was still a widespread view on Monday, and residents here did not mince words about the conflict, highlighting the political pressure that's being placed on an Israeli government that has so far been reluctant to approve a ground invasion.
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